Nvohk - Earthcare
Friday, September 12, 2008

Nvohk is an eco-clothing startup harnessing the collective powers of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. This means that for a yearly fee members get to submit design ideas as well as decide how to manage the company. All hail the democratisation of business made possible by the internet.

As a paid member I put my efforts into the brandmark above. And more (click the brandmark to see the full entry in my portfolio), but as the competition was only for a logo it was subject to voting as a logo with no rationale or opportunity to demonstrate it's function as a brandmark.

As to be expected from members of the general public who fancy themselves as designers, bar a few ideas, the logo contributions were generally poor. Fortunately my entry made it through three rounds into a final four with one other worthy contender (to my mind).

Unfortunately, the collective chose what I've voiciferously described as vanilla on the member forum. Go to nvohk.com to see the winning entry. Sigh!