Siegel+Gale - More
Thursday, August 21, 2008

The US-based aircraft manufacturer brand identity project presented itself to start creative at Siegel+Gale, week before last. Everything was looking good, complete rebrand, new name, great sector and notably, a keen and decisive client.

Or so we thought.

As often happens when an organisation is confronted by the enormity and complexity of finding a new identity, subjectivity becomes an unpredictable factor. No matter how carefully the arguments presented or how much guidance and consolation offered, little can prevent key decision makers getting jittery - particularly when sustained contact at the top level isn't an option.

At the risk of doing additional naming work for nothing Siegel+Gale pushed back and the project was abandoned after a week's worth of brand identity work. Unfortunately the client may never get to see (or benefit from) the brand ideas we developed before the project was prematurely ended.