Eksmo - Russian publisher
Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Eksmo is one of Russia's largest publishing houses. The old brand identity wasn't able to meet the demands of a rapidly changing and highly competitive market so SCG London was approached to reposition the brand and develop a brand identity to reflect the new positioning.

I generated the source positioning concept for the 'turning point' idea on which the brand identity is based. Initially I proposed 'a fulcrum'. This then became 'pivotal' and finally, 'turning point', both of which were used to describe a fulcrum in more accessible terms. Eksmo now positions itself as a turning point in publishing. A turning point for authors, partners and readers. I also proposed 'celebrating the book but freeing the content' to express a change in the publishing of content via new and traditional media.

My trip to Thailand and South Africa at the end of last year ended my involvement in the project but the final brandmark was developed from the brandmark shown in my portfolio. Click the Eksmo brandmark above to see the full entry.