Life Bank - The essence of life
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Life Bank is a large Russian bank offering services in mid-tier corporate, SME and retail banking with a strong retail presence in major centres throughout Russia. SCG London was tasked with evolving the brand identity and bringing the various regional banks in line with the Life Bank brand. My role was to develop a brand identity typeface and a collateral brandstyle (look and feel).

A complete brand identity typeface was required across the whole alphabet in both Russian and English as well as a tweaked descriptor typeface in both languages. Click on the cyrillic alphabet above to see the typeface and all the regional bank brandmarks.

'The essence of life' was chosen as the theme for the collateral brandstyle. Around this idea I developed three routes, expecting the client to choose one. Instead, Life Bank opted to use all three and subject to an appropriate fee structure it looks like they are going ahead with all three. The brandstyle featured (click the collateral image above to see the work) will constitute the initial roll out of the identity along with new branch interiors and facades also designed by SCG London.

The collateral graphic idea is inspired by DNA sequencing images and serves as an iconic brand signifier heralding the continued expansion and transformation of the Life Bank brand.

As soon as the other brand collateral ideas go public I'll publish the rest of my contribution to this project.